Bihar Board 12th English Phrase Verb Exam 2024: कक्षा 12वीं परीक्षा 2024 के लिए, Important Phrase Verb

Bihar Board 12th English Phrase Verb Exam 2024: कक्षा 12वीं परीक्षा 2024 के लिए, Important Phrase Verb –

1. Back out (withdraw, e)-He promised to help me but he backed out.

2. Be off (go, leave, I must be off.

3. Break up (i)-When does the school break up?

4. Break out (start suddenly, HTT, ÉS Jaundice has broken out in the town.

5. Break down (TRE GIFT, GR)-The car broke down on the way.

6. Clear up (finish a piece of work)-Clear up your desk before you leave office.

7. Clear away (pass away) The clouds have cleared away.

8. Clear off (go away)-I am busy; clear off quickly.

9. Come down (4)-The prices of rice of wheat will not come down,

10. Come off (-)-When will the match come off?

11. Die away (disappear)-The breeze died away.

12. Die down (become weak)-The fire died down,

13. Die out (-)-Many old customs are dying out.

14. Drop off (go away)- My friends dropped off one by one.

15. Fall in (FR)-The roof fell in.

16. Fall out (quarrel)-He has fallen out with his friends

17. Fall through (fail)-All his plans fell through.

18. Get away (I)-A prisoner got away.

19. Get along (manage)-We can’t get along without money.

20. Get back (return)-When did you get back? 21. Get in (arrive)-What time does your train get in?

22. Get off (leave, dismount)-We got off (left the house) after breakfast.


23. Get out (be out) The teacher ordered him to get out.

24. Get through (en) His brother failed in the examination but he got through.

25. Get up (rise)-What time do you get up?

26. Go away (leave)-Go away with your luggage.

27. Go back (return) He will go back soon.

28. Go by (pass)-Several days went by, but he did not come back.

29. Go off (be fired)-The gun went off by accident.

30. Go on ( TEFT)-Go on with your work.

31. Go out (no longer burn)-The fire has gone out.

32. Go up (1) The prices of rice and wheat have gone up.

33. Let down (lower)-She let down her hair. 34. Let in (allow to enter) He let himself in with a key.

35. Let off (allow to go free)-They let the thief off with a fine.

36. Let out (allow to go)-He let the water out of the bath-tub.

37. Look in (make a short visit)-Won’t you look in when you are here?

38. Look through (glance through) He looked through the newspaper.

39. Look out (be careful)-Will you go to the station and look out for Mr. Sinha?

40. Look up (search for)-I have looked up the word in the dictionary.

41. Look up to (respect)He always looks up to his teachers.

42. Make off (run away)-The thief tried to make off, but he was caught. 43. Make out (draw up, understand)-He made out a list of books.

44. Make over (transfer) He has made over his house to his son.

45. Make up (complete, invent, settle a dispute)-We still need Rs. 25/- to make up the required sum. 46. Pass off (44)-The election passed off peacefully.

47. Pick out (choose)-He picked out the books he wanted.

48. Pick up (lift up, find, regain, make the acquaintance of)-He picked up his hat.

49. Pull through (recover from illness)-He is very ill but I hope he will pull through.

50. Pull up (cause to stop)-He pulled up his car at the gate.

51. Put away (E)-Put your books away. 52. Put back (replace) Put the dictionary back on the shelf. 53. Put down (write down)-Put down my telephone number.

54. Put off (Terfira )-The cricket match has been put off. 55. Put on (put clothes on)-Put your shirt on.

56. Put out (-)-Please put out the candle.

57. Put up (raise, give shelter, build, show) They put up their hands to show that they were unarmed.

58. Run down (stop working, become weak, speak against)-The clock has run down.

59. Run off (go away in a hurry)-The thief ran off when he was

challenged. 60. Run out (come to an end)-My patience is running out.

61. Set in (begin)-Winter has set in.

62. Set off (begin a journey)-We set off at 6 o’clock. 63. Set out (start a journey)-They set out for Kolkata.

64. Take after (resemble) He takes after his father. 65. Take away (remove)-Take these books away.

66. Take back (withdraw)-He took back his remark. 67. Take down (write down)-Take down what I say.

68. Take off (remove, begin a journey by air)–He took his hat off.

69. Take over (to become responsible for something)-He took over the job yesterday.

70. Take up (occupy)-This work takes up too much time.

71. Turn away (refuse admission to, dismiss)-He turned away the beggar from his door.

72. Turn down (reject)-They turned down my application.

73. Turn off (stop the flow of)-Turn off the radio.

74. Turn on (allow to operate)-Turn on the lights.

75. Turn out (expel, come out)-He turned the servant our of his house.

76. Turn over (change position, turn upside down)-He turned over in bed

. 77. Turn to (go to)-The child herned to its mother for comfort

78. Turn up (arrive) He promised to come but he has not turned up yet.

79. Wear off (धीरे-धीरे लुप्त होना)-Your feeling of shyness will soon wear off

80. Work out (firma)-Let us work out this problem.

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